Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Website Brief

I am going to be creating a website, www.savetheglobe.com, which is going to bring awareness to the effects and causes of Global Warming. There will also be pages on how to prevent around the home, gallery, effects etc.

What is the website going to be about?
The website is going to be based on Global Warming and the factors and effects on the world we live on. For example; switching the light off in a room when you are not in there or turning the television off at the plug instead of leaving it on standby. These adaptations to your lives will not only help the environment you live in, but also cut your energy and electricity bills down by quite a bit.

I am going to try and produce a very helpful and useful website that will be able to be used by all ages ranging from young children to the older generation. I will hopefully do this by using colours and themes that would attract young people (children), but at the same time I will try and make the colours not too off putting for adults. Also I may add a kid’s page with games and other child related subjects like crosswords but with educational words to do with global warming. If I achieve this, it means the website will be of use for all types of people and the users can actually take in the point I am trying to get across in the website.

What an I trying to achieve by producing my website?
I hope to widen peoples knowledge on Global Warming by creating this website, www.savetheglobe.com. Hopefully I will achieve this with helpful pictures from a trip to Antarctica, that my partner will produce, to show melting of the ice caps and useful information that will shock people such as the rise in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere causes expansion of the ocean leading to the effect of rising sea levels. This will hopefully change the way they live so they can care more for the environment and the effects it has on people all around the world. If we are successful, it will mean that the younger generation today will be able to live a more enjoyable life and be able to bring up their children into a wonderful world, hopefully free of global warming.